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No English Joss

A foreign-language Jossverse icon challenge

A Non-English Whedonverse Icon Contest
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
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no_english_joss is a Buffy, Angel, and Firefly icon challenge community for non-english languages. Each icon entry should have some language besides English if it contains text elements. Your lovely mods are deathwokclan (de_la_vega_@livejournal.com) and gabby_silang (gabby.s@gmail.com). Feel free to e-mail either of us with any questions.

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How it Works:

There will be a new contest posted, and the contest will be open for a week. At the end of the week, all the entries will be put in a post to be voted on.


1. One icon per person, unless otherwise specified.
2. All entries including text must have a non-english language incorporated, with a translation provided.*
3. Voting will be on your three favorites.
4. Do not vote for your own entry.
5. Do not vote for a friend's entry, that's just tacky.
6. Read the challenge thoroughly each week. Challenges may range from a theme, a mandatory aspect (must include any song lyrics, etc.), a screencap, an episode, etc. Sometimes there may be more than one challenge in a week.
7. Icons must meet lj standards.
8. Submit entries by posting them in a new entry formatted as follows:

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Text reads: ¿Y tú? Qué has hecho para olvidar? Translation (basically): What have you done to forget about it? and is from La Oreja de Van Gogh's 'El Viaje de Copperpot' album.

*text element is not required of an entry. English may be part of the icon provided there are multiple other languages included (example: text of an icon is 'hello' in different languages). Translations don't have to be exact.

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currently looking for affiliates. E-mail de_la_vega_@livejournal.com if interested!

Want to link? Take a banner for your troubles! There will be better and smaller ones up at some point.

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