Latin Whedonism

I think I'm supposed to be posting the icons like this. And I think I'm allowed three submissions. And I hope no one who knows Latin is going to read these. *grins* All translations are VERY approximate and grammar is suspended for this post.

Image hosted by Modo egeo vivo. ("I want to be alive.")

Image hosted by Circumfundi vestra devotio. ("I'm under/surrounded by your spell.")

Image hosted by Cortinae and tempo amo. ("Oracles" and "I like time.")

If you use any of them, comment here and credit me in the keywords. Enjoy.
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It looks like we're going to be extending this competition, as well. So Icons are due next week Friday at 7 pm (central). The challenge is <a href=">here</a> so keep working on those icons! I will try very hard to get some resources up, but this past week has been absolute chaos.

Winners and new challenge!

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Challenge #2:
Icons for Challenge 2 should contain some text in Latin!
I'll try to put up some links tomorrow for resources, but there's a ton of information out there on the web. A TON.
-Post your entry in a new post
-up to three icons per person (meaning you can do one from each of the three shows-Firefly, Buffy, and Angel. Not more than one from the same show, please!)
-Deadline will be April 30th, unless you hear from me again on the matter.

I'll also try to get banners up in the next few days, but unfortunately, I spent the day in the hospital with my grandfather and thus smell like icky medicine and need to remedy that before I do anything else.

Thank you to everyone who entered! And get making those icons!

Challenge Deadline is Set!

Hello, hello! Our other mod is still in hibernation, so I've decided to go ahead and post the deadline. We've only got six members, but you can enter up to three icons, so we should be OK!

Deadline for the first challenge is Friday, April 22 at 7pm Central Time.

So get those icons made! They're looking great so far!

And be sure to let anyone you know who might be interested about the community...the more the merrier, right?
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My Entry:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

The first one is a song called "La Belle et Le Bad Boy" by MC Solaar. It is a French song and it means (aside from the English slang used).. The Beauty and the Bad Boy.
The second is from a song called Obsesion by Aventura. It's a spanish song and the lyrics mean Obsession: It's not love.

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Post for Translation/etc.

All comments on this post are screened, as its purpose is to acquire all things good and translaty. If you're one of the AWESOME people helping me out with Rules Translation, please put it as a comment here. And be forever thanked!

(Also, leave the name you want credited for Being Awesome(tm), whether that's your lj, icon lj, or whatever)